Suppliers interested in doing business with TCO shall provide a Supplier Expression of Interest (SEOI) by submitting a SEOI Web Form through the SEOI web tool on the TCO external website.

The “TCO Way” is the method by which TCO engages its suppliers to focus on safety performance, reliability, and competitive pricing while working to develop Kazakhstani suppliers and workforce.

With the SEOI web tool TCO and Suppliers will be able to communicate on a single platform with the following advantages:

• Suppliers can express their interest to work with TCO by submitting a SEOI Web Form
• Suppliers will be able to update and maintain their own SEOI Profile created on the TCO SEOI web platform

Prior to submission of SEOI Web Form Supplier shall:

1. Read the SEOI Instructions and requirements thoroughly and carefully;
2. Sign and scan required supporting documents;
3. Enter and attach the required Supplier documents and information in the SEOI Web Form;
4. Complete the SEOI Web Form submission to TCO by selecting the ‘Submit’ button.

Please note SEOI is not an invitation to a tender.

Supplier Expression of Interest (SEOI) shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of TCO, nor shall it entitle any supplier to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from TCO and/or any of its partners, by virtue of such supplier expressing its interest.

All expenses incurred in preparing and maintaining the supplier’s expression of interest shall be borne solely by the supplier.

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